Things Rocco Has Tried To Eat

As most dog owners have probaby discovered, dogs like to eat/chew on things if you aren’t watching them 24/7. Our dog Rocco is quite the connesiour of ‘food’ items. Recently he’s taken a liking to tracking down the flies that come in through our patio door and eating them out of the windows. Granted it is slightly more amusing than busting out the flyswatter, but I’m getting tired of washing the windows.

Here’s a list of things he’s either successfully eaten or tried to eat:

  1. Charcoal Briquette
  2. Locust, these are amusing because he’ll just hold them in his mouth and open and close it letting it make noise.
  3. Gatorade bottles
  4. Entire bowl of wrapped Wintergreen livesavers
  5. Tennis balls, he will chew these till there is nothing left
  6. June bugs off our porch
  7. Dragonflies
  8. Dried, dead fish husk

I’ll keep updating this list as his appetite develops. So far nothing too terrible.


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