Counter Surfer…

This is a post from Rocco’s Human A:

Last night we were all getting ready to grill out in our nice weather. I had purchased the ground turkey at the store and had it made up into patties on a plate. Rocco knows he’s not allowed in the kitchen and he’s never before gotten food off the counter, only what one of us humans has dropped while slicing or dicing something. Last night he earned the title “Counter Surfer”. I stepped out of the kitchen for a minute to show my SIL where the remote was. Next thing I know I see Rocco licking his chops. Weird. He then saunters back towards the kitchen and beats me there jumping up on the counter stealing the REMAINING meat patties and snarfs them down so quick!

All in all he ate about 1.5lbs of raw ground turkey last night. He seems to be okay. He knows he messed up big time as he won’t even go near the kitchen at this point. I had to make another trip to the store to pick more up for dinner before we could eat.

Silly counter surfing dog!




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7 responses to “Counter Surfer…

  1. Congratwoolations! I like to take butter and burritos!

  2. Rocco – congrats on your big score!!! Dakota used to be our counter surfer until Mom brought out the mousetraps. So far we are pretty good about the counters. But we will have to see what happens with the new pup on the block.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Khongrats!

    That’s a pretty pawesome skhore fur your furst time (that woo’ve been khaught)!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  4. Holly and Khady

    Score!!!!! Way to go Rocco!! You are finally a true Sibe!!!

    Khady Lynn

  5. Congrats Rocco! I’m not much of a counter surfer, but I managed to get a piece of chicken jerky once! 🙂


  6. Rocco – Ruby, Counter Surfer Extraordinaire, salutes your mighty, mighty, mighty first score.

  7. Hazel used to be our counter surfer and you still need to be careful if you’re going to leave a slice of bread or cheese unattended for more than ten seconds.

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