Thursday Trekking

Technically the trekking happened on Wed, but I’m posting it on Thurs. Last night we went to a sweet store here in Omaha, called Canfield’s. Now usually I don’t get to go with my family shopping, but this store has recently started allowing people to bring their dogs in! So many people wanted to pet me and love on me. I didn’t mind at all. There were also TONS of things to sniff! It was great fun.

I had so much fun I had to rest part of the way through while the humans chatted to someone they had met in the store.

Rocco Relaxing at Canfields

Until another day!




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2 responses to “Thursday Trekking

  1. That sounds like a very fun trip, Rocco. Did you get to taste any of the sweets? And no surprise that you had them all wanting to pet you – handsome boy you are!!!

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. How khool is that!

    I know my mom would to pet woo –

    And I would want to zoom zoom zoom!


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