Thankful Tuesday

Right now I’m pleased that it is warming up and my humans prefer the outdoors! They are always taking me on car rides and long walks/jogs (I sure wish they would run faster!)

It’s hard for them to take the flashy beast with them everywhere so they haven’t been taking my photo much! I’m sure they will take some soon and post some updated ones.

Last night was rough. I got brushed and vacuumed. I sure don’t like them stealing my fur like that. I wish there was an easier way…..any other pups out there know of any?

Well I’m off for more sunshine!




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2 responses to “Thankful Tuesday

  1. Our flashie beastie seems to go evFURRYwhere!

    I would like to have a bit of that sunshine when woo are done with it!


  2. Holly and Khady

    Do like we do. When you see the brush (or the Dyson) RUN!!! And, don’t let them catch you! That way you can leave chunks all over the house. That’s the best place for our fluff!

    Holly and Khady

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