I need your help…

This is Rocco’s human posting on his behalf.

We were at the good ole dog park this afternoon and Rocco just stopped running. This is weird. He runs ALL THE FREAKIN” time. So I knew something was up. He was also staying real close to me. Which also unusual off leash. Turns out he has cut a couple of his pads on his front feet. One on each paw. They look like they are dry like chapped lips. He was bleeding a bit, but that stopped.

I brought him home nad cleaned his paws with some water and mild soap. I then put some antibiotic ointment on them to help heal them. I have fashioned some ‘dog booties’ out of an old t-shirt and some velcro.

I’m asking all the other pups out there if anything like this has happened to them before and if it ended in a trip to the vet, or if it healed on it’s own after a couple days. Let me know.



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3 responses to “I need your help…

  1. We sure hope Rocco is doing better – Mom says she thinks she covered everything she can think of in her email exchange with you. Good luck. Main thing is to keep it clean and dry.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

    • sparkeespud

      Thank you guys for the help. It means alot. Rocco is definitely taking it easy. He’s laying here on the couch next to me. He’s getting around a bit better already. I think I just freak out easy because he’s my first dog and my best friend.

  2. Sorry…we don’t have anything more to add to what The OP KS Pakhk pawed/shared –

    Best of lukhk!


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