Update: Trip to the V-E-T

Well Rocco’s other human is taking him the the v-e-t this morning to get him checked out. Rocco snapped at me a vicious sort of way this morning while I was trying to check out his injury. It’s clearly swollen and giving him much pain. I think he must have gotten something in there that we didn’t get cleaned out all the way. I’ll post an update when I know more.

Thanks for all the advice yesterday. I see some stylish dog shoes in the future for Rocco if he wants to continue running with me in the evenings to protect his paws.


Vet says he’ll be okay. Just try to keep it clean and protected for the next couple of days, he suggested some booties. No excessive running (HA! Try explaining that to the dog who does Zoomies at all hours of the day.) or walking for the next week. If problems get worse…come back.

That’s a relief. I guess I freaked out a bit. Rocco is at home hanging out in the sunlight on the porch.



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3 responses to “Update: Trip to the V-E-T

  1. Thanks fur the update on the paws –

    We’ll keep all of woo in our thoughts – it is no fun trying to keep us khalm!


  2. Hey, we don’t think you freaked out at all. You asked Mom a lot of good questions and you did the right thing having Rocco checked. We hope he is more comfortable tonight and good luck keeping him from running:)

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Have you ever heard of or tried Musher’s Secret (you can google it). Cool little product to toughen paws and a great protector from grit, salt (from snow removal), and the other ills of a paw pad problem. A cracked paw can take a while to heal.

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