Sunday Snapshots

So alot of these are photos from the last week or so. I sometimes have a hard time remembering to download the photos from the camera. Paws are tricky that way.

Walking in the park with the humans

This one was taken at our favorite park, Elmwood. Tons of people to watch and squirrels to chase!

Tired? You say you are tired??? Come on, get off that bench!

Fluffy tail shot

See that bread over there?

I am sneaking closer!

I didn’t score any bread. The humans moved it right after this photo. I tried though… I really did!

Hope ya’ll enjoyed the snapshots!




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3 responses to “Sunday Snapshots

  1. Hmmmmmm

    I wonder which pikh is MY favourite?


  2. Holly and Khady

    Walks in the park are so much fun!! And, I think you totally deserved some of that nice tasty bread too!


  3. That’s a beautiful tail shot, Rocco! Too bad about the bread, next time don’t watch so much, just move:-)

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

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