Rocco vs. The Vacuum

This week has been fun filled with tons of vacuuming by the humans. They apparently do not like my fur piling up everywhere. I tried to stop this attack….

Must dodge the attack...

When in doubt...use your teeth!

My last stand....

It was a good effort. They gave up for a bit, but I expect they will be back at it soon.




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4 responses to “Rocco vs. The Vacuum

  1. Mom was brushing all of us today, but none of us has really started to blow our coat YET. Soon, and then the heavy duty brushing comes out. The Dyson makes an appearance here almost daily.

    We don’t attack our vacuum, we just ask to go outside, puh-leez.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Mom attacked us with the brush earlier today. I tried my best to runaway, so I didn’t get too much torture. Kat got it much worse.


  3. I haven’t really started THE BLOW yet – I really don’t have a big one though –

    I face the brush evFURRynight – Mom does what I let her until I turn into DEMON SIBERIAN –

    Then she stops…

    Good lukhk to woo!


  4. Holly and Khady

    Only Samuel allows the humans to use the Dyson on him. The rest of us RUN!


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