Sunday Snapshots

Well it’s been a long week for me. My humans have been super busy at their ‘day job’ and haven’t had much time for me it seems. It’s also been a bit rainy and so that means slightly shorter walks than normal.

I thought I’d share some tricks with you today:



and the next isn’t a trick, but something I’ve been doing all day….


Hope the rest of you are off having fun adventures! Time to go see if I can beg some food off the humans.




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5 responses to “Sunday Snapshots

  1. Been that kind of weekend here too, lots of rain, and lots of puddles filled with mud. Finally it was dry today but still no sun.

    Hope your paw is all better now.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Woo are the master of trikhks!

    I think woo do SLEEP the best!


  3. Mom has been trying to teach us the roll over trick. So far, we’re just getting into the sleep position and then we get a treat. Maybe eventually we will lose our balance and make it all the way over. I hope there is a treat for that too.


  4. Holly and Khady

    That last pic looks a lot like what I do most days. And nights. And weekends. Ok, ALL the time!


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