Monday Memories

This weekend the humans started painting the new place. I was the site ‘for-dog’. I sat and made sure they did a good job.

Me overseeing the work that needed to be done!

They got it all finished and didn’t get any of that blue stuff on me! I do think it brings out my eyes! I like this new yard they have for me. I have befriended a slithery thing that hisses and of course more bunnies, though there are a lot of little tiny ones right now!

More updates later on!




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3 responses to “Monday Memories

  1. Oh yes!

    It so does khomplement your eyes!

    Great WORKING job!


  2. It sounds like you are living it up in the new house. Last time our mom painted, she blocked us out of the room with a ladder. It looks like your parents are nicer.


  3. Hi Rocco,

    Did you meet my friend Sammy the Snake? I might just have to come visit you so I can help you find more of those hissers.

    Woos – Thunder

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