Tuesday Triumphs!

So today has been a good day. I got a new rawhide! Nothing beats new bone day! So of course I got it, slobbered it up and dragged it through the dirt to add some ‘flavor’!

Then my humans took me over to the ‘new house’ that they have gotten. I played around in the yard and then did this when they weren’t looking!

I scored a hammock!

I loved it! Hope the rest of you had some triumphs of your own today!

Thunder – You are welcome to come visit me and Sammy the Snake’s family! We have plenty of them here, non-poisonous ones thankfully! Mr. Bunny might also be around.

I was sad when I heard the news of Prince’s passing this last week. I send lots of comforting woos to his family, as do my humans.




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5 responses to “Tuesday Triumphs!

  1. I’m wondering if I would find that hammokhk khomfy?

    I’m sure Thunder and Ciara would LOVE to help woo show Sammy some good times!

    We were furry sad about Prince and fur his furamily – they miss him so much –


  2. Holly and Khady

    Oooohh, a new house!! How exciting! A whole new yard to dig up!

    How on earth did you get in that hammock without falling out!?!? You look very comfy, I must say!


  3. Woo Hoo, we will be right over, Rocco. Can we have a nap in your hammock too? How did you get out of there, must have been a bit tricky.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. You know, our mom has been wanting a hammock. I wasn’t interested, but now I am. I had no idea that a hammock was a dog bed!


  5. Elizabeth Chvilicek

    Thank you for sharing your stories and pics of Rocco! I really enjoyed them. My fave pic is the one of him curled up on the couch trying to hide from the humans, lol! He looks a bit like our Denali! We adopted him on June 1, 2003 and have not looked back since! Owning sibes is a fun and challenging experience – however – I would NOT change anything for a minute! so many fun times and memories! Sibes rule!

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