Fetch. Husky Style.

The other day we were trimming out some trees from the shrubs around our house. Rocco enjoys playing fetch with items. He’d been chewing on the pieces of the trees and helping to ‘take them apart’. When asked to fetch a 6ft limb, we didn’t actually think he would do it. Here’s the video proof.

He did this several times that afternoon. I can honestly say it had us laughing for quite a while!

-Rocco’s human, Amanda



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5 responses to “Fetch. Husky Style.

  1. Great job!!!


  2. Holly and Khady

    OMD!! Another Lab in a Sibe suit! I think Dave of the Army of Four will be happy to see there is another “retrieving” Sibe out there! Great job Rocco! I’m highly impressed! We usually just chew up the little sticks.


  3. We are pretty sure that will get you kicked out of the Siberian Husky Union (SHU).

    • sparkeespud

      I hope not! But I didn’t just fetch a stick or a ball….it was a whole tree! A small tree, but a whole one none the less. I guess you can’t see it well in the video but it was 6ft long and about 3 inches around.

  4. Rocco, that was very impressive work – we sure hope the Mom rewarded you well for your help.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

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