A new friend.

I’m sorry everyone. My humans have been so busy lately I haven’t had a chance to post anything. I have been reading everyone’s blogs though.

Last night I made a new friend. Daffy is her name. She’s a 8 month old border collie. They do something with sheep is all I know. She’s been attending some obediance classes because last time she was over she kept trying to bite me. All I wanted to do was sniff and say hello. I heard my humans giving her human some pointers on training. It seems to be working. She’s turning into a mighty fine lady.

Sitting on the floor getting acquainted.

She kept trying to give me kisses. I prefer to save that for future dates.

After messing around on the floor a bit and doing some play fighting (she’s a quick one!) We took turns playing with my kong toy. I think her human needs to get her one of her own. She kept trying to steal mine!

Me guarding the Kong.

See! She's a thief!

All in all I’m glad to have a new friend. Next time we’ll be sure to romp around the yard!


Make new friends!




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3 responses to “A new friend.

  1. Steve and Kat

    Looks like you have a great new friend. Maybe my sister needs some biting pointers. She always tries to drag me around by my tail!


  2. It is furry khool your kholours khomplement each other so furry well!

    Woo khan be like Kira The BeaWOOtiful and her brother Scampi The Border Collie!

    Thanks fur sharing!


  3. Holly & Khady

    Well, you know how puppies can be. They are fun to play with, but are always stealing the toys!


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