Monday Update

Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve not updated much in the recent weeks. The humans have been busy with the new house and cleaning and for some reason moving all the boxes in the house to other places.

This last week was a rainy one again, but the weather turned sunny and warm for the last half and the weekend! More of that to come I think!

Saturday night the humans went to a play in the park called Two Gentlemen of Verona! There was singing and dancing and loads of people there. They took me along as well.

Lounging at the play!

They brought my water bowl with them since it was bit warm at the start, but it cooled off as the sun went down.  There were lots of nice people there including 3 small humans that sat behind us and kept feeding me crackers. They loved to come and pet me and play with me. They also thought it was fun to get their hands dirty and let me lick them clean!

I was so tired from all the petting and hanging out that Sunday I slept most of the day! Though we did go to the art fair for awhile on Sunday. Lots of other dogs there, though none as pretty as me.

The humans always get a chuckle out of people’s comments about me in public places. Usually little kids point at me and say “Hey it’s Balto!” or “Hey it’s a Sled Doggie!”

The adults are what crack them up the most. Here are some comments we heard Sunday at the fair.

Kid: What kind of dog is that daddy?    Parent:  Well it’s a domesticated wolf son.

“Hey it’s a giant fox!” (This leads me to believe they have NEVER seen a fox….)

“I’ve never seen a black and white Akita before.”

“My dog drinks Jameson that way!” (Reffering to Rocco drinking water out of a cup…. I sure hope he was joking!”

There’s more I’m sure that we are forgetting, but it’s always interesting to see what people say. I typically get the “It’s a wolf!” comment yet they still come up to pet it. Don’t know why that is.

Hope everyone is having a good week!




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4 responses to “Monday Update

  1. Humans do say a lot of funny things. We live in the same city as the University of Washington, who are the Huskies. However, the dog that plays their mascot is a malamute. So whenever we are out and about, most people think we are the tiniest huskies they have ever seen because they think a husky should be the size of a malamute!


  2. And to think, some of those humans were pawmitted to breed…

    Thanks fur sharing your adventures!


  3. We hear “Where’s the Sled? every time we are out.

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