Couches and Huskies

Rocco is kind to let me write the post for today’s blog.

So I’ve discovered over the last year that if there is enough room on the couch for 4 paws, then there is enough room on the couch for a husky, regardless of the comfort level of the other occupants on the couch.

Couch Potato

That right there is the look of  “Would you please move over so that I can get into a proper Husky donut?”  Granted I don’t mind too much as Rocco is great for keeping me warm!

Other great news! This month Rocco is the featured dog of Husky-4-Life’s Sibe Tale! Husky-4-Life is a Yahoo! Group that I joined last year after getting Rocco in order to gain some advice from other husky owners and share my experiences with everyone. They have been a great group of people to get to know.   It is also a great place for information on various husky rescue groups in the US.

Since I have a basic account here at WordPress, I can’t post a link to the .pdf file that has Rocco’s Tale in it, so I’m going to copy the text and put it here for ya’lls reading pleasure!


Rocco’s Sibe Tale July 2010

 Name: Rocco

Age: 2 (3 on July 22)

Gender: Male

My humans: Ryan and Amanda

Best Friends: Anyone who will let me play with them

Hobbies: Running, playing with my toys, messing up the bed, table and counter surfing, sniffing everything

 Rocco came to our family in June of 2009. We had been planning on getting a dog for several months, but we didn’t expect to find “the” dog quite so soon, or like we did. I’m an avid Craigslist searcher. I’m always online looking at things and selling things, so when I came across this ad for a two year old husky that desperately needed a home, I couldn’t resist. I emailed my husband (fiancé at the time) and said “Can we keep him?” We’d been considering a husky for awhile because we both loved a challenge and he couldn’t say “No” either.

 After visiting Rocco once we were sold. A week later he joined our family. It was tough going the first couple of months, and a few times I uttered the words “Can we take him back?” I went in search of information for training such a stubborn dog on the Internet. I stumbled upon blogs, and other internet sites, like the Husky-4-Life Group, that helped to explain a lot of Rocco’s tendencies that were unlike any other dog. It was definitely a relief to learn that other husky owners also suffered from the “Where did my burger just go?” syndrome as well as the howl of protest when told to do something as innocent as “Sit!”

 Rocco is now definitely a member of our family. We enjoy taking long walks in our parks here in town, playing in the yard, and going on road trips. He’s always doing things that absolutely surprise us. For instance, scaling our 11 foot rock retaining wall in about 3 seconds (something tells me a regular fence just isn’t going to do it for him). He loves to hop into the tub after you’re done showering to lick up the water that’s left, but absolutely hates spray bottles. Rocco is also what some food critics would call a “gastrointestinal adventurer” because we are always surprised at the things he will try to eat. Here’s a sampling:

  • Wasabi – let’s say that he isn’t going to be doing that again
  • Charcoal briquettes
  •  Plastic caps – not actually eaten any, but definitely chewed on a few in order to open bottles
  •  Any sort of meat (raw or cooked) – Two lbs of ground turkey disappeared a few weeks ago from the counter in about two bites
  •  Locust – thought it was a fly. The look of surprise on his face at the buzzing was priceless.
  •  Entire package of wintergreen mints, including wrappers – makes for fresh breath for at least a week

This list could go on for a few pages. Almost nothing surprises us anymore. I’m sure he will keep us entertained for many years to come. In fact, he’s made us fall in love with the breed all together and we are looking to add a second Sibe to our pack here this year. I’m sure that will create more fun stories to share with everyone!

Have a safe 4th of July everyone!

-AMU (with permission from Rocco!)



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4 responses to “Couches and Huskies

  1. What a great story Rocco has to share – congrats on the feature. Our humans are in love with our breed too – in fact, our Dad even told Mom the other day that he thought we needed a fourth sibe. Hope you find just the right one for you too.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Rocco is soooooooo Siberianly normal 😉

    Thanks fur sharing his tale!


  3. I am the same way with the couch. It doesn’t matter who is sitting on it, I will make room for myself. I’m the queen of the house, so I need access to my throne.

    Thanks for sharing your story! We’re super glad that your mom found you and brought you home.


  4. Can you believe that some of those humans actually expect to share the couch? We are stunned when we are laying there and a human comes down and – cover your eyes – tells one of us to move. Oh my.

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