Update: Poo Patrol

Well guys. No bone. At least so far. Rocco is doing well. Still eating, still drinking and still pooing.

Can dogs digest bones? I mean this was a small one. Could it take a few more days to make it’s journey?

So far no signs of discomfort or pain and he’s still acting all normal, so no trip to the V-E-T. If things change, then we will take him in.




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2 responses to “Update: Poo Patrol

  1. We have no idea about if dogs can digest bones, but we are glad that Rocco is still normal.

  2. Sometimes are systems are amazingly slow AND other times, we are faster than speeding bullets –

    I do khwestion Steve and Kat’s khomment about ‘normal’ –

    Since when are ‘we’ normal 😉

    Mom says she thinks monitoring the situation seems to be prudent and stuff –


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