Let the Fur Fly

Today was a big day! I got to go and hang out with 7 other awesome huskies at a private play party!  We had it at the Bone Jour Doggie Day Care near the NE Humane Society building in Omaha, NE!

We had so much fun. We played for nearly an hour and boy were we tired afterwards!

Rocco taking a drink of water!

We had to refuel with water to keep cool so we could keep on playin’

Khady and Jambalya chillin' in the pool!

I finally met my bloggin’ friend Khady today! (She’s the black and whit husky basking in the pool!) Jambalya was also a fun dog. I think she’ll warm up to me in the future!

6 of the 8 huskies there today!

Here is part of the pack that was there today. Let’s see if I can get the names for ya. On the left, the big white fluffy boy is Blue. In the back is Badger, she’s a sweet girl, My handsome self is back there too! Then there are the sisters, Willow and Sasha. Can’t tell from the photo who is who. Then there’s Jam leading the pack!

I can’t wait until we get to do this again. Let me link you to some YouTube videos another human there took of us playing!

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Hope ya’ll have fun! I’ve been sleeping most of the day after my fun adventure this morning!




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7 responses to “Let the Fur Fly

  1. How khool!

    We saw the nice Jackie Lady post on FB about a Sibe Pawty – silly us didn’t have the chance to look yet!

    I bet my pal Khady Lynn was thrilled to meet woo – isn’t she something?

    I’ll go chekhk out the fun videos!


  2. A Sibe Pawty! Wow, that looks like us every day – grins.

  3. Holly and Khady

    Hey Rocco!!! I sure had a great time meeting you and the others at the pawty! That was so much fun actually having other pups to run and chase since my siblings are all pretty lazy! I sure hope we can all get together again soon!

    Khady Lynn

  4. Hi Rocco! I just saw you over on Khady’s blog! You sure look like you had a blast at the meet-up!

  5. What a great adventure you had – lucky you to have met Khady Lynn. We haven’t seen you around our blog lately, hope you can pay us a virtual visit one of these days too.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. We had so much fun! There’s nothing better than the look of pure joy on our pups faces. They will all be glad when summer turns to fall though!

  7. Wooo! We’re furiends with Khady Lynn, we read about that pawty on her blog. Then we saw woo posted to ours! Nice to meet woo, Rocco.

    jack a-roo & miss moo

    (PS-Moo thinks woo are a furry handsome fellow!)

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