Rescued Kitten

Well I am reluctantly letting my human post this “sappy” story about this kitten they found and wouldn’t let me play with.

Saturday evening my husband and I heard some distressed meowing from up near our parking area at our house. There are alot of bushes and things like that up there, but we managed to located the source of the sound. It was a small orange kitten. We didn’t see a mother cat around and thought this was odd, but we did see a sibling kitten.  Both were clearly not happy their mom wasn’t near by. We bring some milk and a saucer up to let the little ones drink. The grey one wanted nothing to do with us or the bowl. The orange one kept darting up to take a few licks then retreat back to the shrubs.

We eventually see mom cat come back and so we leave the place and go back to our home and figure mother nature will prevail and mom and kittens will be reunited.

Sunday morning rolls around and I head out to let Rocco out. I heard the meowing again! This time it was down by our house in our lilac bushes. I go to take a look and sure enough the Orange kitten had spent the night in the rain and storms in the lilac bushes. No mom cat in sight. It was shivering from the cold and all wet and muddy. So we decide to do the right thing and rescue this poor kitten. It probably wasn’t very old. 6-8 weeks maybe. Tiny thing. After some careful planting of milk and string cheese we were able to catch it.

It wasn’t real keen on being held as it was somewhat wild but after a little while it warmed up to us. Rocco on the other hand was thoroughly interested in this little furball and just set outside our door (whcih was closed) sniffing and whining because we wouldn’t let him play. He did eventually push the door open and chased the cat around the room, luckily the cat didn’t want to be caught. I’m sure Rocco got an introduction into “kittens have claws”.

The Humane Society here didn’t open till later in the morning so we played with the small kitten for a couple of hours before we could take him some place safe to be cared for. I’m sure some loving family will get a lovely kitten. He seemed very people friendly once we gave him some milk and got a string with a bell tied to it to play with.

That was the excitement around our place Sunday morning.

Well Rocco wants to tell all the huskies out there to stay cool, as the we are in a heat advisory here. Beg for lots of ice and ice cream! If you have access to an AC vent, go for it!



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  1. Poor Rocco didn’t get a khytty of his own…

    Thanks fur reskhuing this little one!

    Our weather is going to be tropikhally nasty on Friday –



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