Birthday Photos!

Well my humans finally got around to downloading the photos off their phone to share with everyone!

We first piled in the car and drove for awhile and then pulled into DQ!

Where's my ice cream?

Isn’t that a pretty dog in the reflection? They eventually opened the window there and delivered my goodies. The humans wouldn’t give it to me immediately though.  We drove some more and we arrived at one of the parks the humans really like.

HA! I have made him my slave!

I finally got my reward. Ahh, vanilla soft serve. So delicious. I even had some on my nose!

Amanda and Rocco

I was so thankful for the delicious treat that I even posed for some pictures with them. Granted I made it more than difficult and after several dozen tries they captured one or two!

Ryan and Rocco

See this is the best one and I didn’t even look at the camera!

Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes, it was a very good day filled with extra treats, ice cream and lots of belly rubs. I even got to sleep on the big bed for a bit!




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5 responses to “Birthday Photos!

  1. What a GREAT birthday!

    Ice khream fur woo!

    Nom nom nom!


  2. That sounds like a pawfect day, Rocco – glad you got some tasty ice cream.

    Thanks for the good wishes for Phantom.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Holly and Khady

    You lucky dog!!! All I ever get to do is lick the stupid humans bowls after THEY eat the ice cream! Can I come stay with you?

    Khady Lynn

  4. Mmm…ice cream! What a great birthday! 🙂


  5. Keesha loves drive thru windows too, a whole building filled with food!

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