Sunday Sharing, and some cool news!

Well it’s been quite a few days since my last post. I am glad it cooled down! I certainly got to go outside alot today and the humans are talking of a trip to the bridge that crosses the river! I’m excited!

First, let me share some photos with you…

I'm cute.

This iPad was making noises like birds! this is all the closer they let me get.

Well tonight my human came back all excited about a cool thing happening here in Omaha. We are going to have a husky rescue group! I’ve mentioned it before, but now it’s even more real! They are getting humans gathered together to get things going! I’m super excited as my family is considering being a foster home and helping out. I bet I will get to go to alot of cool events promoting how good, well-behaved and adorable we huskies are. No mentioning things like our counter-surfing, digging, howling, or shedding of course!

Here’s the linky! They are going to need supplies, volunteers and of course $$ to get everything going! Be on the look out as we promote some of the events, fundraisers, and things like that on here! Your support means a ton to me and other dogs like me!

Enjoy this lovely weather!




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6 responses to “Sunday Sharing, and some cool news!

  1. Thank you for your support yesterday!!! We’re excited to have your help!

  2. We are so excited fur woo out ‘there’ –

    Sadly, there is a need fur one –

    I bet woo will be such a pawesome help too!


  3. We really hope for a day when rescues are not needed, but thanks for forming a new group. As a family of rescues, we love to hear of others being helped.

  4. Cute pictures of you! 🙂

    How awesome that you will be helping out with the rescue!


  5. Holly and Khady

    We are SO happy to be helping out with the rescue! We are very excited at the chance to help. I hope you get to be a foster family! That would be so cool. Mom would love to, but, with 6 of us already she already has her hands kinda full.

    Khady Lynn

  6. WOW WOO!

    Looking at you is like looking at me. We could be brothers! At which point I will point out that YOU ROCK!!!!

    Paws atcha

    Ozzie The hunter killer(really, I have!)

    and ZOzo(HK in training)

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