I’m still here!

I’m still here and doing what huskies do best, stealing food, escaping and napping.

My humans have been really busy decorating the house and cleaning up everything.  They mumbled something about me and all my fur causing a mess everywhere. I say I’m just doing my part to ensure they get proper exercising moving that vacuum cleaner around.

They cleaned under the couch and this is what we found!

How many bones do you see?

Yup that’s right, they found my hiding spot, under the couch. I’ve been saving those for a rainy day! 5 bones total there and a ball! How awesome was that?

Today was another day for Houdini like escapes. The humans put me in my crate before heading out to church and I decided it would be a perfect day for me to greet them as they returned. That’s right I met them at the front door, tail wagging and a smile on my face.

Yeah, the front door "just opened" and I was FREEEEEEEEE!

They are shocked at my awesome magic skills. I should go on the road and earn me some treats!

I hope everyone out there is having a good holiday weekend. Be safe!




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5 responses to “I’m still here!

  1. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And fur your next trikhk?

    Will woo be pulling a rabbit out of your hat?


  2. We were removing a hot tub from the porch and The Herd was watching intently. Why? A long lost Kong was waiting under there.

  3. Holly and Khady

    I often lose my favorite squeaka ball under the couch or end table. I just sit with my nose or paw under it and stare and stare. Eventually one of the humans gets it out for me.

    Great escape job!!! I think that means that you are ready to be out on your own in the house now.

    Khady Lynn

  4. I always lose my toys under the futon! When my head is down in the corner and my butt in the air, mom knows that I’m trying to get my toy back. 🙂


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