I make this look good….

My humans decided I was starting to smell and it was time for a trip to the “spa”. I got dropped off bright and early and had a relaxing morning being pampered.

I'm all clean!

They bathed, brushed, dried me and did my nails to boot!  I got tons of pets and hugs! The ladies at the spa told my humans I can come back anytime because I’m an awesome guest! Plus, they liked all the kisses I gave.

This next one is for the ladies….

I'm ready for my centerfold now.




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3 responses to “I make this look good….

  1. *SIZZLE!*

    Great shots!

    Of khourse, the khlosing shot is my favourite – I’ve strukhk that pose a few times today!

    Woo wear it furry well!

    PeeEssWoo: Woo should run that one again on 12/1 – Furst Wednesday of the month and all!

  2. Well you certainly are looking relaxed after all of that.

  3. What cute pictures! 🙂 You sure look like you enjoyed your trip to the spa!

    Mochi & Bali

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