Veteran’s Day

Many of you know to honor and thank our Veteran’s for the service they have given our country, but we should also keep in our thoughts those pets they leave behind when they go off to war.

Remember my friend Lady that came to visit a Looong time ago? Shortly after that post her human got deployed to Iraq! He’s spent nearly a year there and came home just a few weeks ago safe and sound. Lady spent that time at his parent’s place anxiously awaiting his return.

I’m going to visit her this next month when the humans have another one of those weddings. Lady and I are going to hand out and play, and just have a grand old time!

Lady and I

So keep those Veteran’s and their pets in your thoughts today!




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2 responses to “Veteran’s Day

  1. How khool Lady’s human is bakhk!

    AND even khooler will get to go zoom zoom zoom SOON!

    Great post fur a special day!


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