Rocco Tuesday

Yes Ruby, I stole your title and added my name, but this is because this post reminds me of you.

Ruby is at the Thundering Herd Annex and has quite the counter surfing skillz.  This week is was some “dead Presidents” she scored.

This is why I need some of your advice Ruby. How do I ‘sneak’ up on the human’s and their steak?

Uh, oh, don't let them see you are sneaking up!

This time they caught me in the act with the flashy camera thing, but I need to train up so I can try again!




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2 responses to “Rocco Tuesday

  1. First of all, Ruby totally approves of this blog post title!

    Secondly, she says the real trick is just to be daring. She has absolutely no shame and just walks in and takes whatever she wants. Caught is all relative to how fast the humans are.

    P.S. – Natasha is also quite the counter surfer. You know is about to surf when she looks at the human. You can see her furry brain calculating exactly how long she has before the human can reach her.

  2. I’m khurrently in MN with Brice The Handsome – he’s got some furry pawesome talents –

    I’ll ask him!

    PeeEssWoo: Great title!

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