Hiking and Snow!

That’s right, I did some hiking this weekend with my pal Lady. She and her family were up for a visit. We went to a state park and got to run a bit off leash with our E-collars. They just beep at us to tell us to stay nearby the humans.

Me running through a field

Lady doesn’t have a thick coat like me so she gets to wear a warm vest when we were out in the cold this weekend.

Lady sporting her vest to keep her warm

After all that playing it was time for a nap, so we cuddled up on the couch together for a nap.

Lady and I chillin' on the couch after tons of playing

This weekend it started snowing. It’s STILL snowing outside! I hope all my friends get some snow to play in too! Khyra, I’m sending some your way! I hope it doesn’t melt before it gets there!




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3 responses to “Hiking and Snow!

  1. Holly & Khady

    We are all totally enjoying all the new snow! Check out our videos on our blog.

    Looks like you and Lady had quite a fun time!

    Holly & Khady

  2. Thanks Handsome!

    I got some – a nice 3″ or so – Mom says more would be better fur her but I’m not sure what she means –

    Great pikhs of your fun!


  3. Hiking and snow – those are like our two most favoritest things in the world.

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