Thoughtful Thursday

We are "hogging" the couch as the humans call it.

I call it "snuggling" with the humans. We almost don't fit with all 4 (2 huskies, 2 humans) on the couch.

-Rocco and Katie!



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5 responses to “Thoughtful Thursday

  1. The OP Pack

    We love to snooze on the couches too, but we like it best when there are no humans. Good to see you and Katie having fun together.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Looks like the humans will be needing their own khouch!


  3. Holly & Khady

    Looks like Miss Katie is fitting right in! And, in case your humans don’t know, couches ARE for the dogs! That’s why I have my own, and Khady has her own spot on HER couch!

    We rule!!!


  4. um, what are humans doing on the sofa? i mean, aren’t there RULZ in your house?

    btw: how did i MISS your blog? i thought i followed all the sibes in cyberspace…. geesh.

    juno’s diggin’ your sofa rules…

  5. It’s ok to share the couch with humans, but you can’t them on it all of the time or you will spoil them.

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