Katie has found her forever home!

If any of you follow Taysia Blue Siberian Husky Rescue on Facebook or Twitter, then you would already know that Katie has found her forever home. She stayed with us about a week and has learned many new tricks.  She is going to be in the Omaha area, so I hope to see her again at some of our doggie play dates. I’m going to miss her, but it’s for the best. She will be living with another Sibe that’s just a few months older than she is and having a ton of fun!

This is another good day for Taysia Blue Siberian Husky Rescue!




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2 responses to “Katie has found her forever home!

  1. We were furry furry happy to see that!

    I’m sure woo sent her off with some good trikhks too!


  2. Holly & Khady

    Awwww, we are so happy for Katie! Mom thought she was such a sweet heart when she transported her to Omaha. We couldn’t be happier for her! She truly deserves a wonderful home!

    Holly & Khady

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