I’m here!

I’ve been absent from the web for awhile now. My humans got busy then had trips and more trips. I got to spend a week at doggie camp here in Omaha and had a blast! Those ladies were awesome and gave me lots of hugs, kisses, pets and a fair share of treats! It was a great time!

This weekend I’m getting to go on a trip with my humans! Yay for car rides!

I first wanted to tell you about a contest The Thundering Herd  is having for their 1000th post! Go there and post a comment and tell them your favorite animal charity or rescue (I highly recommend Taysia Blue here in Omaha!) for a chance for that group to win a $50 donation from the Herd! Share this with your friends!




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3 responses to “I’m here!

  1. Holly & Khady

    We already stopped by the Herd and told them we suggested TBSHR, of course!

    Holly & Khady

  2. Glad you’re back! We stopped by The Herd several times this week with different rescues. Thanks so much for referencing their contest! Have a great Memorial Day weekend and enjoy your car ride!!!

  3. Too bad woo khouldn’t go stay with Khady Lyn –

    I’ve met her and she’s a sweetie!

    Of khourse, so am I!


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