For Khyra

Khyra over on Khyra’s Khorner had been keeping us all up to date on the falcons in her town! Well I discovered that Omaha also has some falcon friends!

Downtown on top of our Woodmen Tower, there is a nest of Falcons! There are 5 babies in the box this year!

5 fluff balls of falcon

They are hard to count, but they are all there! You can check them out on their web cams here!



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One response to “For Khyra

  1. Thanks fur sharing that!

    I’m akhtually getting my FrEYEday post ready and was going to inkhlude the link to the Columbus o HI o PF Blog –

    I’ll inkhlude this one as well!

    We are furry happy to have one this year since she’s a young mom

    Paws khrossed fur your fev-vers!


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