Agility Class


One of the reasons the blogging has been scarce is that I’m now attending an agility class here in Omaha on Thursday nights with my human! We are learning all sorts of things.

Last week both humans went so one could take photos while the other fed me treat after treat 🙂

Going through the hoop

The is me at the end of the dog walk.

I really like going to this class! My favorite part is when we get to go through the tunnel! Hopefully my humans can get some photos of that next time!



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3 responses to “Agility Class

  1. Holly & Khady

    Are you actually listening? Or just doing your own thing and pretending you have no idea what the heck they are talking about?


  2. I took an agility class once. I also really liked the tunnel. My agility career ended once it was time to phase out the treats at the end of each obstacle. If there wasn’t a treat at the end, what was the point?


  3. EvFURRYtime we watch Thor, Marco Polo, or Layla, Mom starts snikhkering –

    I’m not sure why 😉

    PeeEssWoo: Bravo to WOO!

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