It’s been over a month since I last posted. The humans have been busy with their daytime things and just haven’t had time to post much here lately. Hopefully with the cooler weather approaching they will have more time for dog blogging!

This past weekend was a holiday and I got to go camping for the first time! It was tons of fun!

Lounging and chewing on my bone at the campsite!

 They had some really nice digs there. There was a fire in that pit later on in the evening, but I stayed away because I don’t like fire. I just layed about in the cool grass.  I even protected the campsite from intruders and killed a lonely bullfrog hopping through. The humans wouldn’t let me eat it, the meanies! I did lick it quite a few times, though that gave me a bit of an upset stomach.

The next day we did some hiking in the woods down the road. The humans kept stopping to take photos and all I wanted to do was keep on hiking! So many things to taste, smell and pee on!

Taking a photo break

All in all, it was a good time! I went home and slept all day long afterwards! Hope the rest of you had a good holiday!




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2 responses to “Camping!

  1. How furry nice!

    Bummer on the amphibian enkhounter – I think your pawrents wanted it all fur themselves!


  2. Rocco your fur looks perfect even when you are in the woods!

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