Last night while out on my evening constitutional, there was an intruder in our yard. I quickly dashed over and pinned it to the ground with my mouth. The humans, sadly, called me off my “kill” and made me go back inside while they investigated. They initially thought I might have captured one of those pesky stray cats that frequent our yard.

They, however, were WRONG!

My “kill”.

Indeed that is NOT a cat, but a stinky opossum! I was thoroughly convinced I’d protected my territory quite effectively and eliminated the threat.

I confirmed on a later outside trip that I was incorrect in my assumption. Next time I’ll bite down harder.




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3 responses to “Intruder!

  1. Woooo! Fine job guard-doggin there mate! Nasty creatures anyway!


  2. Shawn

    Oh Rocco, you should know opossums play dead real good.

  3. A no-possum!

    Good job!


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