Always Be Prepared!

It is now storm season here in the Midwest and I wanted to share with you some useful tips for keeping your beloved four-legged friends safe during these storms. I got these handy tips from

1. Bring your pets inside. If it’s not safe for you outside, it’s not safe for them.

2. Keep emergency pet supplies in a tornado-proof room or cellar or handy for emergency evacuations if you have to travel to a friend’s house or other storm shelter.

The supplies should be easy to find and transport, in case you need to evacuate. Include the basics:

  • Adequate supply of food, water, and treats and any medications your pet might need.
  • Sanitation items such as a litter box and litter or puppy pads,
  • Towels are always handy (Hitchhiker fans know what I’m talking about!)
  • A crate to provide a secure place in which to weather the storm

3. Make sure that your cat or dog is wearing a collar and identificaton that is up to date and visible at all times.

4. Practice getting your pets into the tornado-safe area.

  • Do your best to train your dog to go to the area on command or to come to you on command even when there are distractions.
  • Learn how to quickly and safely secure your pets.
  • Find your pets’ favorite hiding places and learn how to safely remove your pets from them.

5. Make your tornado-safe area animal friendly.

6. If you have to evacuate, to take your pets and their emergency supplies with you.

7. Take special care of your pets after the tornado has passed.

  • Don’t allow your pets to roam loose. Familiar landmarks and smells might be gone, and your pet will probably be disoriented. Pets can easily get lost in such situations.
  • While you assess the damage, keep dogs on leashes and keep cats in carriers inside the house. If your house is damaged, they could escape and become lost.

 Other items to think about are:

  • Make sure you have current photos of your pet in case of the unfortunate situation where they do get lost.
  • Make sure you have some sort of arrangement for your furry friends should someone else need to care for them a short-while.
  • In your human first-aid kit keep some pet first-aid items as well. Booties are handy in the event you need to traverse debris filled areas.

My humans always keep a leash on me or within easy reach during bad weather. They are weather watchers and try to stay on top of the weather changes, but this is the midwest and it can happen very quickly. 

Stay safe my four-legged pals!




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4 responses to “Always Be Prepared!

  1. You forgot to say, “Have extra treats for your pet in the emergency area.”

    Otherwise, good article.



  2. Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

    Very good post, and very timely too. Sounds like it is going to be a rough weekend for all of us. Stay safe.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. What a great PSA!

    Maybe your plan should inkhlude going to hang out in KhL’s basement!

    I’m sure Hollybollyboo would LOVE another Sibe 😉

    Stay Safe!


  4. Since we are most likely moving to Texas when Mom finishes school, we have been paying close attention to the storms. Mom wants to get us a tornado shelter because most homes there do not have basements, and she knows it has to be big enough for us too! Stay safe and thanks for the tips!

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