New Gear!

So awhile back I tried out scootering and bikejoring with the local husky group! It was a blast! I wish I had some photos of it. It took me awhile to figure out I amsupposedto pull when in the harness, but I started sorting it out.

My humans wanted to do this with me once they got home, so they were in need of purchasing a harness and bungee lead for the bike. Low, and behold, the rescue Taysia Blue Siberian Husky Rescue has an online shop where they sell Howling Dog Alaska products! The proceeds from the shop go directly to the rescue! How cool is that??

Me sporting my new harness and lead!

Here is a shot of me modeling my new harness and lead! Aren’t they awesome looking?? Do you want a new harness, lead, walking belt, etc?? Head on over to the Taysia Blue Shop to get yours today! -Rocco


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2 responses to “New Gear!

  1. I SO wish we were closer to you all so we could have tried it out. I want to pull so bad but the Masters are afraid I’ll start chasing a rabbit and hurt them. WIMPS!


  2. looking good huskerboo! Play bows,


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